What is Rhythm Monster?



Rhythm Monster, LLC

is a massive online resource for learning Scottish Pipe Band Drumming. Subscribers enjoy full access to hundreds and hundreds of high quality video classes exercising sound methodologies from the most Monster Pipe Band Drummers in the world including live streams, drum scores, downloadable technique builders, and more for all ability levels, delivered on all devices, and available 24/7. 



WHY is Rhythm Monster?

Our Colossal Cause:


To share the reflection of a culture in its Drumming;

equally empowering anyone with accessible world-class instruction, innovative digital tools, & opportunities in music;

demonstrating a superior system of lifelong learning to influence traditional educational institutions.

Our Monster Core Values:

(what guides our team)


1. Be F*@%ing Awesome

We don't mess around when it comes to quality and excellence. Everything we do and create must meet one simple criteria. This is our every day working standard.


2. Challenge Educational Norms

We are part of the current Revolution in Education, unguided by traditional methods or processes.  We strive to suit all 21st Century learners with logic and innovation. 


3. Passion for People | Passion for Music

Music is a gift, not a privilege, to which we feel everyone deserves equal access & opportunity. We care deeply about those who allow us to serve them by sharing the world's best kept Drumming secrets knowing the positive impact it will have on their lives.     


4. Diverse, Remote
& Unified Monster Squad

We capture Monsters with D.R.U.M.S. Our Team of Monster is a Diverse, Remote & Unified Monster Squad, comprise of an eclectic array of talent and experience working on their own schedules from their own locations worldwide while collaborating with other remote members. 


5. Speak with Radical Candor

From Kim Scott's excellent book, Radical Candor™ is to simultaneously Challenge Directly & Care Personally. We always say what we think while also giving a damn about the person we are speaking to.


6. Work/Life Balance

To produce our best work, we must be at our personal best which requires Balance. We do not set hours, but we meet deadlines. We empower our Monster Team with the opportunity to develop professional skills with the meaningful purpose of enriching the lives of our Monster Drummer community members. Each Team Member is given full ownership of their work schedule, guided by individual accountability. 




What Rhythm Monster Provides: 

1. Exposure

To the world's most Monster Drummers, for free. 

2. Education

From the world's greatest players, educators and ambassadors of Drumming. 

3. Experience

Beyond traditional competition- Live performance events and gatherings for everyone. 


Rhythm Monster, LLC is part of the Revolution in Education by delivering Exposure, Education, and Experience in all styles and cultures of Drumming through fresh digital platforms, innovative digital tools, and unforgettable live events. 


Our Guarantee:

You Can Be a Monster Too!


What does being a Monster Drummer mean to you? Whatever it is, we're here to help you get there!



Rhythm Monster FAQs

Check-out our STORE PAGE! 

Short answer: the opportunity to learn and enjoy Pipe Band Drumming, Breton Bagad Drumming and even Swiss Basel Drumming at home YOUR way. You get immediate access to ALL our Monster educational classes, performance content, digital learning tools, downloadable docs and live streams. Dang. That's a lot. 

Yes! You can get a Free Stuff Subscription, which gives you a healthy dose of our Monster content. 

Well over 1000 total videos, and we're adding more ALL the time!

Check-out our Monsters Page for all our instructors and their classes. 

Some of the most successful Monsters in the activity with even more coming regularly. We never stop capturing Monsters so you always have more! 

That would be odd, but things happen, and we get it:) We're hyper-focused on our Monster Drummer Community and respond to every inquiry. If there's ever something we don't have that you want, just ask! Ultimately, if you're not dig'n the action, we'll always help you find a solution. 

Tip of the Horns, fellow Monster!  

Most of our content is for absolute beginners to intermediate players. That said, we make sure to fuel the Feasting of pros as well with Meaty drum scores, exercises, and tips from the best!

If the people want you, we'll give you a shout!:) We're also super open to creating as much awesomeness as possible. If you've got a project idea you'd like to execute with us, Contact Us!

We are an educational company, and all our content was captured and created by our Monster team. We love you. We support you, but we only publish our original content. 

Yes! We support the efforts of the world's best instructors and performers. Every Monster Instructor is contracted and paid for their services. 

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