Monster Fife & Drum Corps from Deep River 2021


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Rhythm Monster is a massive website and online community for learning all styles of rudimental Drumming. We travel the globe capturing content of the world's most Monster performers and educators, delivering the world's wide variety of Drumming cultures via thousands of instructional videos streaming to you 24/7 on any device.


You (yes, you), can drum like these guys & gals! It's true. To do this, you need three things and three things only to be a Monster Drummer: Exposure, Education & Experience.

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That's right...Exposure to the best players in the world (like the Monster video above); Education via thousands of online instructional video classes from the best Monster Drumming instructors in the world; and Experiences hang'n-out with our awesome worldwide community, live stream events and even live performance events! Pretty sweet, right? 




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If you're new to Drumming or music, don't be scared. Some of those players in that video will be your new Rhythm Monster Instructors, and they will teach you everything you need to battle those demons. The very basics of technique, style, how to read music, how to tune drums, what's all that uniform stuff about?...All of it!

And as for time...

it's all about knowing exactly what to do with what you have. We have endless methods, tricks and life hacks from world-class educators and performers to help you learn YOUR WAY and progress on YOUR schedule. Some lessons are as short as 1 minute! For real. 



All those dots on the page can be a bit confusing, right? 

We also have these really cool online tools we built ourselves to help you understand music and Drumming WAY more easily.

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PadLab™ is a revolutionary interactive learning tool that will change the way you practice. You'll be able to learn any drum score you ever encounter after you experience a new sense of control with PadLab™. 

If you've never played before, PadLab™ is the absolute best way to learn any drum score YOUR  way on YOUR schedule at at YOUR pace.

If you've drummed before and interested in learning Pipe Band, Swiss, British, Breton Bagad or the traditional American Fife & Drum style, PadLab™ allows you change the tempo, isolate a phrase, choose your camera angle- everything you'd normally have to ask your live instructor to do- is all at your finder tips! 

If you're already a Beast Mode Rock Star...tip of the Horns, Fellow Creature! PadLab™ will finally give you the opportunity to breakdown the technique and approach of every rudiment and every phrase you've ever heard from you favorite World Champion players. Dang. 


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So what do you get when you
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We believe more people would have music and Drumming in their lives if only it were easier to find solid instruction and have time to practice.

Rhythm Monster has solved these issues by providing access to the world's best players and teachers via flawless streaming of thousands of video classes, original digital learning tools and a worldwide community of those who identify as Drummer.  

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