What a Difference a Day Makes

A Monster Blog Series By Bryan Lowe

I feel good about my Buzz Stroke progress!  I’d been feeling rather clumsy and slow for a bit,  and ending up taking a couple of days off. That cold wasn’t helping either.

About five minutes into my return it all fell into place.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. Both hands!

For some reason, a drum roll or buzz roll seems like real progress, more than the tap, tap, tap of previous exercises.  I do understand progress on those “taps” lead to progress on the buzz roll, but this feels like a big step forward, emotionally. This is starting to feel like “real” drumming.  

Need a break down on the Buzz Rolls? Check out this class to get your basics rock'n. 

ST2006 - The Buzz Stroke

For any future challenges on this journey I need to remember that progress isn’t a steady line. Recognizable progress can come in fits and starts sometimes.

Online Lessons

Life is busy. Work. Family. Getting the car in for service. Doing my lessons online allows me to take my lesson on MY schedule.  7:13 pm on a Tuesday? No problem.

Also, my teacher, Michael, is willing to repeat everything he says during each lesson, in effect. I just play the same lesson video again. I’ve done that a lot of times.

Class ST3003 - The Multiple Bounce/Buzz Roll

Now, how is his arm moving on this skill exercise again? Watch the video again and really focus in on that.

My wife mentioned to me the other day that she is impressed by how “good” I’ve been at practicing my studies. As she said that I thought, yeah, I HAVE been pretty good about it. This really is fun.

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Seize the Day

I just found out my brother-in-law has an inoperable brain tumor. Such bad news for a really good guy. Count your blessings and go ahead and do your dreams.  If not today, soon.





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