The Royal Marines Band Service is the musical wing of the Royal Navy from the United Kingdom. They encompass Five different Bands in respective locations throughout the UK plus a training and arts academy of the Royal Marines School of Music near Portsmouth, England. 

HM Royal Marine Drum & Bugle Corps

in one of the longest-standing Monster Drum Corps in the world. Here, we see them performing one of their many killer Drum Statics. Totally awesome. Totally Monster. 


Composition Credits: 

Marching Solos: McAlpine by Alan Piner BEM

Drum Static: Dei Gratia byPaul Annett

Drum Static: Magnum Opus by Tom Charnley & Kerrie Silk

Bugle Fanfare: Doggerbank Hussars by Russell Piner

Marching Solos: Illawalla by Tom Charnley

Drum Static: Canberra by Chris Harris




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