Glasgow Police Tenor & Bass Section WPBC 2018


One of the oldest and greatest bands in all the lands, 

Glasgow Police Pipe Band

and their Monster Drum Corps led by Drum Sergeant and Monster Instructor,

David Henderson

who is also the co-founder of 

D2 Percussion 

These Monster have been Roaring loud since 1883. Dig the beats and enjoy the Feast! Wanna learn from these Beasts? Clip below to subscribe and join the fun for snares, tenors, and bass drummers! 



To access all of our Monster Classes, you'll need a profile and a subscription. So many other Monster Drummers from around the world are waiting to meet you and rock out. Fear no more, click the button to Monster-Up! 


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Glasgow Police 2018 WPBC Medley Rehearsal


Behold!...Monster Drum Sergeant...

David Henderson

& his Monster Drum Corps from

Glasgow Police Pipe Band


How awesome is that?!?!? This is Scottish Pipe Band Drumming at it's very best. 

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