Bryan's Blog | #6:
When Drum'n Gets Ruff...


When Drum'n Gets Ruff...

A Monster Blog Series by Bryan Lowe



Learning something new always seems to include plateaus and/or periods of sagging enthusiasm. For the past week plus I've been knocked down by a bad cold, and with it, my general energy and enthusiasm has lagged.



At first, I was seeing rapid and steady improvement. I was excited. I think that is normal.  


Then, your improvement slows or stops, and it's easy to think you’ve hit some impossible wall, or even begin to wonder if you can really do this thing.


That is sometimes a trigger to stop altogether, to give up. “This just isn’t fun anymore.” I had a touch of drumming doldrums.   


Getting beyond that is crucial in getting to my longer-term goal, learning how to play drums in a Pipe Band. My minimum goal is to experience that for long enough that I can really decide if pipe bands are really my “thing” in the long run.  


It’s worth asking myself, any time I hit an enthusiasm dip, is there something in this I am trying to avoid?


Am I worried I will fail?

Am I basically scared by the challenge on some level?


Remember, I tell myself, these challenges have another name… learning.  


 I like that. I’ll lean into the discomfort.


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I’ve set a plan.  Today, after 3 days of no practice, I will restart and practice for at least 15 minutes. Today. It is on my calendar’s to-do list. Make bread, get dog food, charge the batteries in that old vape pipe I have lying around (or just toss it), and practice my Monster Drumming.


Today I will be tackling class ST2006: The Multiple Bounce/Buzz Roll from Rhythm Monster's Scottish Pipe Band Snare Drum Tutor


THAT should be fun. Speaking of which, here's a fun pic of a Pipe Band Snare Drum with some rolls.


( Click the pic to get your own rolls!)


Get it?:)







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