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I've Never Played

No experience? No problem! You'll explore several different cultures and styles while being guided step-by-step to learn rudimental Snare Drum, Tenor Drum & Bass Drum.

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I Drum a Specific Style

Gain instant access to the world's largest media library of Monster Drumming instruction in Scottish Pipe Band Drumming, Traditional American Fife & Drum, Swiss/Basel Drumming, and Breton Bagad Drumming.

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I'm a Professional Drummer

Get ready to get challenged! We travel the world capturing content of the most Monster performers, educators and ambassadors of Drumming so you always have more to learn and explore. Endless drum scores and unique learning tools await, you Beast!

We're Changing the Way you Learn to Drum with...

- Over 3000 instructional video classes delivered on any device

- Instruction from the dozens of the world's best players and educators

- Thousands of downloadable exercise docs and drum scores for all levels

- Exclusive live streams of worldwide events

- Support, feedback, inspiration & motivation from our Monster Drumming community

- Custom curriculum options for you or your band

- Constantly adding more classes!

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Premium Membership

The Beastliest deal for full access to everything & exclusive live streams and previews. Roar.

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A healthy portion of the most essential Drumming classes and performance videos

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A lean but mean helping of our Monster Drumming classes, on the house.


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Get your whole Corps playing together, better.

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Becoming a Monster Drummer requires knowledge, commitment, and passion. Our pro team of Monster Educators is dedicated to constantly fueling your love of music and giving you everything you need to enjoy Scottish Pipe Band Drumming to the fullest.