Bryan's Blog | #5: Doubling Down on Double Strokes


Doubling Down on Double Strokes

A Monster Blog Series by Bryan Lowe



I hit a challenge today that felt tougher than others so far. 


From class ST2003- The Double Stroke (From the Scottish Pipe Band Snare Drum Tutor Volume 2: The Drummer's Alphabet),  

we learn the Double Stroke, which is,


“one motion that produces two notes.”



Think to "drop the stick, then let it bounce twice”… but with both taps being equal in sound. Once again, my right hand wasn’t too hard, but my left hand fell into the pattern and then out again… repeatedly.  

Practice makes perfect, they say, unless you are practicing incorrectly.


I watched the video again but did everything this time with just the left hand.


I am making progress, but this feels less natural than the other skills learned so far. More practice. It will come. It will. 

This doesn’t LOOK hard, but for me, it is.  Lefties, you have my respect.




Sometimes when you hit a roadblock it is best to stop, take a break, and then return.

I come back to it a few hours later and pretty quickly realize my pivot point was too far back on the stick in my left hand. I move my hand an inch toward the tip of the stick and the Double Stroke bounce becomes FAR easier. It’s a night and day difference. More practice will give me even more comfort here.



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By the way, I talked with someone the other day about my Pipe & Drum Band project, and now he is looking into doing this. He never learned an instrument before and thought maybe this could be possible. There would be lots to learn, but it certainly has been done! I hope he does.


I think he’ll love the challenge as much as I do.


Buster Keaton practices without sticks, just like Eagle shows us!








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