Bryan's Blog | #2:
Sink or Swim

Sink or Swim                      

A Monster Blog Series by Bryan Lowe


My drum set from 50-some years ago.  


I wasn’t quite as dapper as this young fellow. My parents liked when I played with brushes. I preferred the sticks. My father played the pipes. Once he took me along with him to play for the teachers at a grade school… over the intercom... before class started. His piping accompanied by my drum. To say I was embarrassed doesn’t quite cover it. 


Step One:



As a drummer, I am a total noob. Well, my parents did buy me a snare drum when I was in second or third grade back in the mid-60s. It was red with gold trim, almost totally plastic, with a few rather limp snare springs on the bottom and a single cymbal. In retrospect, I'd say the drum head had as much tension and stick bounce as the side of a box of fruit loops.  

That little drum was an eight-year old's dream come true. Shiny, red, and loud.  My parents asked that I play it upstairs in my bedroom, out of sight and muffled at least.  I gave it up within a couple of weeks.



I'll soon be 62,

and I am going to give this drum thing another try,

Scottish Style.  


I'm really excited about it. This is a challenge, and I love that, but is it just too big?  At a recent family gathering my oldest sister reminded me that she had tried to learn Scottish Snare from classes with a local pipe band, and though she had been an accomplished classical cellist in her youth, she found it too hard and quit.


"Not to discourage you," she said.


Honestly, my biggest concern is, will I do the same thing?  


Adults can be tough to teach, I hear, as they expect instant results.  When they don't get them they can quickly lose interest. Will that be the case with me?





I was looking at a few websites that discuss learning an instrument as an adult, and the universal feeling is that


adults think about learning as self-doubt.


This lack of confidence can be based upon past failures or the feedback of others around you, which can often be negative. Finally, many websites mention that adult learners often hit a plateau and feel they just can’t learn anymore.

To make progress and maintain my interest, especially through those plateaus, I have an approach that includes some local guidance from the Keith Highlander Band in Bellevue, across Lake Washington from my home in Seattle.


I will also get daily guidance from THE online drum learning headquarters...Rhythm Monster




I've already progressed through the first few online lessons. I love that I can dive right in at my own pace, with some excellent videos, practice music I can print out, and written content to augment the videos. This added info gives me additional background, links, and resources.


That's all good, as I am the kind of guy that dives deep when I tackle a project. Give me a bit of everything, please. I'm a sponge that wants to learn.




Throughout the process, sink or swim, I'll keep you updated.  



Care to give it a try and join me here on Rhythm Monster? It will be an adventure, and you only live once!  Go for it.



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