They're Coming...

They're Coming...












Sat, March 25, 2023

A live filming event & gathering

to commemorate & preserve the music & legacy of 

The Connecticut Yanks
Fife & Drum Corps 

featuring Mr. 
Charley Poole, Jr.


Saturday, March 25, 2023


- 8am to 9am: Set-Up & Rehearsals
- 9am to 1pm: Ensemble Filming
- 1pm to 2pm: Lunch (provided for performers) 
- 2pm to 7pm: 
Ensemble Filming
- 7pm: Dinner (provided for performers)
- 7:30pm: Live Performances by Midnight Anthem & Others! 
- 9pm: Possible Muster jams


The Studio at Beaver Mill 
189 Beaver St. 
North Adams, MA

Located in the heart of the beautiful Berkshires of Northwestern Massachusetts, The Studio is only a few hours drive on any number of picturesque roads from anywhere in New England. 



A line-up of the most Monster Fife & Drum performers and ensembles. 


Click HERE to see the line-up!


Project Purpose & Intro by Michael Eagle 

In my career through academia, DCI, and Fife & Drum, a name often heard is Charley Poole. Charley has had a clear impact on so many musicians, and what he brought to Fife & Drum resonates to this day. Rarely does a conversation pass without someone mentioning Charley and The Yanks. This project will ensure that the music of Charley and The Yanks will reach and resonate with future generations of musicians worldwide. 

On behalf of the entire Rhythm Monster team, we are honored to work with Charley, the F&D community, and YOU to preserve the music and legacy of the Connecticut Yanks Fife & Drum Corps and Charley Poole, Jr. 

Michael Eagle
Co-Founder & CEO
Rhythm Monster, LLC

What are We Making? 

Rhythm Monster creates unique and impactful educational videos and tools so anyone can discover and learn music more easily from any device. Below are the 3 types of video classes we will film and produce from this event.


1. Performance Videos

Our Performance videos provide the best free exposure to the world's most Monster Musicians aimed to inspire all types and levels of players. 

These will resemble the vids you've seen from DRAM, Stony Creek, and the Fife & Drum Tutor shoots with Dominick Cuccia and the Cuccia Family Band. 

Each Poole Solo and CT Yanks set performance will be made into a truly Monster performance video to inspire many more musicians for years to come! 


2. PadLab™ Classes 

PadLab™ is an originally designed digital tool by Rhythm Monster that gives users full control to click and interact with videos, audio files and notation. Tools include camera angle selection, tempo controls, isolated audio control, phrase looping, part selection and more. Since launching PadLab™ in 2019, learning a new score at home has never been the same! 

Many of The Yanks sets will be recorded on drum pads and fifes to allow users to practice and learn these classic charts at home with PadLab™.


3. Mini Docuseries 

Rhythm Monster travels the world to share music and culture through transformative media. "In the Spirit" is our originally produced documentary series that focuses on the culture of Traditional American Fife & Drum Corps. We intend to produce "In the Spirit: The Yanks Are Coming!" from this shoot. 


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