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Want to develop your professional chops with fellow Monster Musicians? Think you've got the skills? Now's your chance!

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The Monsters We're Seeking:

Social Media Savage

Create badass content unique to all our SM platforms with our Monstrous footage.

Wordsmith Wizard

Write, Script, and Edit the language of Rhythm Monster on class pages to your own blog articles. 

Video Editing Beast

Monsters only! Create and edit innovative and educational videos in the Beastly post-production.

Monster Squad

A newer, cooler sales team: find & capture Monster Drummers through personal connections. 

Pipe Band Monster Researcher

Do you geek-out over all things pipe bands? If so, this position will feed your Monster cravings.

Monster Music Editor

Monsters only, transcribe and notate the Beastly Beats and notation seen in nearly every published product. 

Social Media Savages are...

  • Obsessed with creating unique video, photo, and written content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, Pintrest, and whatever comes out next!
  • Experienced with social media schedulers & other business workflow tools 
  • Super creative, fun, a little silly, & can't stand anything less than awesome!
  • Equipped with a high-functioning computer, mobile device, video editing software (FCPX &/or Premier), Photoshop, & Google Apps.
Apply to be a Social Media Savage

Wordsmith Wizard must...

  • Have experience with being called a "grammar nazi", necessitating correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure with all things in life.
  • Have a knack for identifying different language and communication styles.
  • Have a unique voice when composing your own long or short form works. 
  • Own a high-functioning computer, mobile device, familiar with all Google Apps., Pages, Word, Numbers, Spreadsheets, etc.
  • Access to extended font libraries would also be Boss. 
Apply to be a Wordsmith Wizard

Video Editing Beasts must...

  • Be Beastly Bosses at Final Cut ProX and/or Premier Suite. No, not the others, only these:)
  • Be passionate about detail, delivery, and the communication of your work. 
  • Work at lightning speeds and enjoy the process of creating original video content.
  • Collaborate well with fellow Monsters and have the discipline to work alone.
  • Own a high-functioning computer, mobile device, FCPX, Premier Suite, Photoshop, Google Apps, Logic ProX and/or ProTools, & Compressor.
Apply to be a Video Editing Beast

Monster Squad Members are...

  • Salesmen (but super cool and not annoying to others), who love making new friends, chatting with strangers, making personal connections, and finding fellow Monster Drummers around the world.
  • Into navigating and communicating through all social media platforms including FB, IG, TW, TB, YT, VM, PT, ST, and anything else! 
  • Equipped with a high-functioning computer, mobile device, all Google Apps., and other basic Office or LifeWorks apps.
  • Able to work with a remote team with regular communication while working alone.  
Apply to be in the Monster Squad

Pipe Band Monster Researchers...

  • LOVE all things pipe bands and pipe band culture including the music, history, instruments, tunes, composers, uniforms, all of it! 
  • Are fact-based Creatures, obsessed with finding reality and not interested in myths, lore, second-hand information, rumors, or other fake crap. 
  • Know how to Google. Seriously. You have to be able to Google things.
  • Are knowledgeable and experienced pipe band and highland game participants.  
  • Own a high-functioning computer, mobile device, Photoshop, Video editing software, Google apps, and Office/LifeWorks apps. 
Apply to be a Pipe Band Monster Researcher

Monster Music Editors are...

  • Fluent in music reading, music theory, and able to transcribe and notate most any music they see or hear. 
  • Studied in multiple instruments and genres of music.
  • Fluent in multiple notation software including Finale, Sibelius, DrumWriter, and/or DrumScribe. 
  • Able to hear and transcribe Pipe Band and other styles of rudimental drumming. 
  • Equipped with a high-functioning computer, mobile device, all Google Apps., and other basic Office or LifeWorks apps.
  • Able to work with a remote team with regular communication while working alone.  
Apply to be a Monster Music Editor

Why Work with Us?

To gain Music, Production, & Education Industry experience
To earn professional Monster references
To earn college credit
You decide your work schedule
Pay is based on the value you bring to our subscribers
Travel to different music events, worldwide
You're passionate about music, production, & education
Help positively change the world, one Buzz Stroke at a time.

Funny Apple Quacks

Some are and some aren't. However, we will pay all of our team members the minute we can. The faster we accomplish our goals, the faster we get you paid. 

You determine how much time you have each week. You determine your schedule. You fit this work into and around your lifestyle. Boom. 

Anywhere on planet Earth where there's a high-speed internet connection. All Rhythm Monster team members work closely, but remotely. So while you can work anywhere you'd like, you must have the personal discipline and lifestyle that allows you to accomplish regular tasks, goals, and projects while working by yourself. You'll always be connected and supported, but it's up to you to make it happen. 

Nope. Don't worry. If the people want you, we'll call you:)

You skipped-over a ton of buttons. Hit any one of them, and you'll go straight to the online application. 

A true passion for music, education, and production. If you have this, you'll also need an up-to-date CV or resume, a professional bio, and a statement letter stating your Monster intent to jam with us. 

Ultimately, no, but it certainly helps. Beyond pipe band experience, fulfilling any of these jobs without extensive musical knowledge and experience, especially in some facet of percussion, would be quite difficult if not impossible. Never say never, but

If the value you bring to our team and our subscribers can't be ignored, then yes, we will pay to have you travel with us to work on-site, including Glasgow, Scotland for the WPBC. 

Not necessarily. First and foremost, you have to love what we do and the people we do this for. 

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