Music Theory for  Pipe Band Drummers

Finally! Specifically for Snare, Tenor, and Bass Drummers

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Music Theory for Drummers

Designed specifically for the needs of Scottish Pipe Band Snare, Tenor, and Bass Drummers, Feast on a curriculum that walks you through everything you'll ever see in any Pipe Band Drumming score of any Grade level- ever. 

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MT Volume 1:
Notation Foundation 

Musical Notation is largely universal. You'll begin with understanding all of the shapes and figures used for nearly all musical notation. 

MT Volume 2: 
Note and Rest Values 

This is everything. Once you understand WHY each note and rest look the way they do, you'll be able to read anything on site!

MT Volume 3: 
Extended Rhythm & Dynamics 

Once your notation foundation is solid, it's time to progress to the rhythms used most often in Pipe Band Drumming. 

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MT Volume 4: 
Pitches & Melody

Learning the different pitches begins with learning the Bagpipes. That's right, Drummers. Learn Melodicism from a World Champion Bagpiper and then learn how the Tenor & Bass Drums fit into the melodic scheme of things. 

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